TieTa & Kind Consultancy: A New Partnership

TieTa and Kind Consultancy Partnership Announcement
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Kind Consultancy is very excited to announce a new partnership with TieTa.

TieTa are a fast-growing business providing contact centre support to businesses across Financial Services and beyond. Much more than a simple outsourcing provider, TieTa integrate call centre resource seamlessly into your business’s pre-existing customer contact approach. Whether you need a small number of additional call handlers for peak-times, or you want a full dedicated team handling a collections or complaints project for six months, TieTa can deliver a bespoke strategy that works for you and their solutions can be scaled for businesses of any size. Kind Consultancy will be working closely with TieTa to ensure all of their contact agents have the right knowledge and experience, and we’re very conscious of the need for vulnerable customers to be treated appropriately in these difficult times.

Get in touch with Kind today on 01216432100 or info@kindconsultancy.com for an in-depth discussion of how TieTa and Kind Consultancy can work together to give your Contact, Complaints or Collections function the edge they need to succeed.

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