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Treasury Risk is the risk associated with the management of a companies’ holdings – ranging from money market instruments through to equities trading.

Liquidity and Capital Risk is generally defined as the risk associated with an organisations ability to convert an asset or security into cash to prevent a loss. Capital risk is generally defined as an organisations access to cash at any given time and balancing this with its efficient use.

Responsibilities of a Treasury Risk Manager may include:

  • Ability to produce and present reports to ALCO, MASC and Senior Management
  • Knowledge of treasury markets and wider understanding of how movements in interest rates, economic and market conditions may impact the organisation
  • Developing and contributing to treasury policy
  • Understanding IAS 39 and how this links in to hedging activities and mark to market positions
  • Having a compliance focus in ensuring limits, guidelines and policies are complied with and any exceptions promptly reported to ALCO
  • Liaising with the Prudential Regulation Authority

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