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What is Sarbanes-Oxley?

The Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, is a United States federal law that set new or expanded requirements for all U.S. public company boards, management and public accounting firms. There are also a number of provisions of the Act that also apply to privately held companies, for example the wilful destruction of evidence to impede a Federal investigation.

What will they be responsible for?

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Consultant will help establish and maintain an organisation’s SOX internal controls framework, ensuring financial reporting risk is managed in accordance with applicable regulations, and support the annual testing and documentation compliance effort.

The SOX Consultant is primarily responsible for supporting all aspects of the annual SOX program, including risk assessment, scoping, walkthroughs, testing, remediation monitoring and year-end evaluation.

What are their typical duties?

  • Make recommendations on internal control improvements to process and control owners.
  • Manage implementation of internal control improvements, including process changes and system implementations.
  • Collaborate with IT Compliance on the design, implementation and evaluation of IT general controls and automated Analyse financial reporting elements and business processes for risk significance and likelihood.
  • Perform walkthroughs and test internal controls.
  • Manage financial reporting spreadsheets risk compliance program.
  • Provide training on SOX guidelines and related topics.
  • Monitor actions to remediate control deficiencies.

Do you want to hire a SOX Consultant?

Are you or your organization looking to hire a Sarbanes-Oxley Consultant? Whether it’s permanent or an interim appointment, we can help you find the person candidate for the position. To find out more, hit the “book a call” button below and complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your opportunity further.

Why should you use us for your search?

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