S166 Kind Consultancy
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The Section 166 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, also known as Skilled Persons reviews, enables both the FCA and the PRA to instruct an independent review into a companies’ activities where there is a cause for concern and where they require further analysis / investigation.

Areas requiring further investigation may include the following:

Why partner with us to find S166 professionals?

  • Governance
  • Risk
  • Controls
  • Financial Crime
  • Business Conduct
  • Data
  • Prudential Regulation
  • IT Infrastructure

Failure to satisfy the regulations & processes correctly may lead to a company being heavily fined or restrictions being placed upon the organisation.

  • Through proactive search services you’ll gain greater exposure to the candidate market
  • Receive access to our team experienced Governance, Risk & Compliance consultants
  • Proactive head-hunting results in faster delivery times than passive candidate sourcing
  • You’ll receive a tailored short-list of qualified S166 experts ideal for your opportunity
  • Our database of pre-vetted contractors enables us to deliver candidates swiftly

If S166 is an area that you require assistance with, and you require a dedicated employee to oversee this matter, complete the form below and outline how it is that we can help. We’ll contact you within two working hours to further qualify how we can be of assistance.

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