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What is a Business as Usual Project Manager?

Business As Usual is the view of an organisation, business unit, work team or team member that happens every day in the normal way. BAU is the work that is understood by teams to be carried out as part of their standard daily work practice. Tasks that are considered part of BAU are the tasks that are discussed or listed on your position description. If for example you are paid to be a project manager, then there are a set of tasks that you would be expected to perform as part of your normal day.  These tasks would be managing the project delivery, updating risks and issues, communicating to the team, holding team meetings, updating the project schedule, etc.

Looking to hire a BAU Project Manager?

Are you or your organization looking for a BAU Project Manager? Whether it’s permanent or an interim appointment, we can help you find the person candidate for the position. To find out more, hit the “book a call” button below and complete the contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your opportunity further.

Why should you use us for your search?

  • Our extensive network of GRC experts enables us to present your opportunity to the best talent on the market.
  • Proactive head-hunting delivers the right candidate for your opportunity swiftly whilst improving the accuracy of the search.
  • You’ll receive a shortlist of qualified candidates that fit your requirements. This means you won’t have to sift through handfuls of prospective candidate CVs.
  • We have a database pre-qualified, permanent and interim, GRC experts that are ready and waiting to hear about your role.

If you or your organisation is looking to appoint a BAU Project Manager, complete the contact form below and we’ll get in contact with you within two working hours to ascertain how we can help you find the best talent in the market.

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