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Assets and Liabilities Management is a process used to manage cash flow and assets in order to reduce a companies’ risk of loss as a result of not paying liabilities on time.

Key Responsibilities of an Assets & Liabilities Manager include:

  • Continued development of an organisations ALM Prudential Risk Management Framework
  • Development and delivery of an annual ALM Risk Oversight Plan
  • Reporting to the business on prudential risks, including review and challenge on day-to-day ALM activities, assumptions underpinning ALM monitoring, planning and reporting, ALM related proposals presented to ALCo (and other related committees) for approval and ICAAP and ILAAP submissions.
  • Highlight relevant changes to prudential regulation and guidance to key stakeholders, ensuring action is taken where appropriate
  • Liaise with relevant First Line areas to ensure the Society’s ALM risk management practices continue to develop, reflecting best practice and regulatory insight

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