Regulator Calls for Simplified Pension Choices

Last month’s Retirement Outcomes Review saw the FCA calling on providers to simplify retirement choices, improve customer engagements and most interestingly to establish drawdown “investment pathways”. The FCA suggests that these pathways would be ready-made options, designed to enable consumers to either take the money over a short period, take money as an income in…

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Building Societies and the Future of Retail Banking

For those following Financial news over the last few months, it can seem like quite a dark time in the retail banking and mortgage space, with a lot of doom and gloom surrounding “mortgage prisoners”, affordability rules and the possibility of an apparently impending interest-only mortgage time-bomb. There’s a sense of panic amongst some customers,…

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Changes Afoot Following the FCA’s High Cost Credit Review

Earlier this week the Financial Ombudsman Service published their annual review, which showed an overall 4% rise in banking and credit complaints. Excluding PPI, consumer credit complaints accounted for 24% of all new complaints over the last year and the numbers get even more concerning when we look at the increases in complaints about specific…

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