A Kind Christmas Card

Even though the Kind offices have been as busy as Santa’s workshop all week, the year is now almost over and I wanted to take a moment to look back over 2017. It was a year of change and growth, with every one of the Kind businesses taking on new staff, extending their reach and adding…

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Navigating Social Media During Your Job Search

Technology moves fast. Ten years ago you wouldn’t have had to think too much about your internet presence during a job search. Now, it can be the first thing your potential new boss looks up after seeing your CV. Don’t worry though, you can easily minimise risks and even use your social media presence to…

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Presentation Preparation

With the specialised, technical nature of many GRC roles, it’s not uncommon for the interview process to include a presentation element. Candidates who aren’t used to presenting can feel out of their depth, leading to them getting nervous and further harming their performance. As with interviewing, presenting is a professional skill just like any other…

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