Kind Sponsors Cancer Research Wolves

Kind Consultancy and Kind Wealth are very proud to have sponsored the Cancer Research Wolves for the last two seasons. The Cancer Research Wolves are a Rugby 7s team created to raise awareness and money on behalf of cancer charities. Fielding both men’s and women’s teams, the Cancer they have raised over £22000 over the…

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Insurers to Review Commitment to Loyal Customers

In all types of Financial Services products, one of the complaints you hear most frequently is that you have to frequently switch providers to get the best deal, by taking advantage of special rates and offers that are only available to new customers. The insurance sector is currently facing particular criticism on this front, with a new Which?…

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Expert Recruiters and The Kind Difference

When a new recruiter joins a firm, they’re often plunged into a few days of intensive training, memorising scripts and going through role-play exercises until they have a handle on how they’re going to be working. Some recruitment agencies go one step above this with continuous training, regularly refreshing consultants to keep their skills sharp.…

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