Career Corner: Promotions & Pay Rises

Almost every hard-working professional is looking for career progression. It’s human nature to seek new challenges and, in turn, greater rewards. Yet many people feel very unsure about how to navigate potentially difficult conversations with their managers about promotions or pay rises. The most important thing in any situation is to be prepared. Why do…

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The End of PPI Complaints … And What Comes Next

The PPI Deadline of August 29th 2019 has been fixed in calendars across the Financial Services and Banking world all year long, and tomorrow we will have reached the end. Or at least the end of the beginning – with the uptick in the number of complaints being submitted this year, just how long will…

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What makes Kind Consultancy different?

Kind Consultancy are true search specialists, focussing on permanent and interim Governance, Risk & Compliance roles within Banking and Financial Services. Unlike a standard recruitment agency, this means we have the skills and capabilities to go above and beyond when identifying and making contact with candidates who are not currently looking for new jobs but…

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