Complaints & Collections: The Outsourced Solution

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The Rising Tide Recent news reports have confirmed that a trend I have seen in the businesses that I am in discussions with, is being replicated across the wider Financial Services and Banking industry; in that, there is currently a huge drive to invest in collections and complaints resources. Why now? It is all to…

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Header - Case Study - KYC - Mortgages

KYC – Mortgages : Case Study

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Kind Consultancy recently worked with a large national mortgage network who were in urgent need of KYC resource  – due to the stamp duty freeze, they saw a huge increase in the number of mortgage applications they were receiving. With their regular headcount at capacity and concerns about opportunistic fraudulent applications, they reached out to…

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Bounce Back Loans: The First Big Fraud Story of 2021

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At the start of a new year, there are always articles and columns about the coming twelve months in Governance, Risk and Compliance, mixing educated guesses about the future with analysis of emerging issues. We never really know what a new year will bring, but one big talking point in fraud this year has made…

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Operational Resilience 2021

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Last week, I hosted Virtual Roundtable discussing Operational Resilience, where we discussed what are the big issues in the Operational Resilience landscape right now and how are people across the Financial Services industry facing them? Unavoidably, many of the biggest Operational Resilience issues that the sector is currently facing stem from the Covid-19 pandemic. When the first national lockdown…

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