TieTa and Kind Consultancy Partnership Announcement

TieTa & Kind Consultancy: A New Partnership

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Kind Consultancy is very excited to announce a new partnership with TieTa. TieTa are a fast-growing business providing contact centre support to businesses across Financial Services and beyond. Much more than a simple outsourcing provider, they integrate call centre resource seamlessly into your business’s pre-existing customer contact approach. Whether you need a small number of…

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Collections in 2020: What Comes Next?

Collections: What Comes Next?

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Nearly I.2 million people in the UK have made use of Payment Holiday options introduced since the outbreak of the Corona-virus in early spring of 2020. UK Finance has found that approximately 70% of people who took Payment Holidays did not need to for Financial reasons and had done so more as a preventative measure.…

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Returning to the Office - a Kind Group update

A Kind Group Update from Mat Kind

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Here at the Kind Group we are now looking at what the new “norm” will look like post lockdown and our “return to work” procedure is well underway. As a group we have continued to be “business as usual” and I am very pleased and proud of how the whole Kind team has adapted and…

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What are the long-term Financial impacts of a pandemic?

What Are the Long-Term Financial Impacts of a Pandemic?

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As we head into the summer, some parts of our lives are beginning to look more like they did before the global Covid-19 pandemic but in many other ways, we are just starting to get to grips with the bigger picture including the question of the long-term financial effects. Consumers have had a number of…

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mortgage holiday complaints lending after covid-19

Lending After the Pandemic: The Long Road Ahead

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Late last month the Treasury announced a three-month extension to the mortgage payment holidays they had brought in to help homeowners through the pandemic. With so many people furloughed, made redundant or unable to work, the mortgage payment holiday scheme allowed them to defer mortgage payments from March for three months. As the end of…

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Support YESS with Kind Consultancy as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week: Support YESS

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From the 18th to the 24th of May, it’s the UK Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and we at Kind wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the work that our Charity of the Year for 2020, YESS is doing at the moment. Your Emotional Support Service (YESS) are a Mental Health and…

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When lockdown ends will you continue to work from home / work remotely or will you return to the office?

Beyond Lockdown: Is This the End of the Office?

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On March 16th, 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recommended everyone who could do so to begin to work from home. One week later, on the 23rd, the UK went into lockdown, with all non-essential businesses shut, closing almost every office in the country. This week, discussions have begun about the possible phasing out of…

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FCA Business Plan for the year ahead

FCA Business Plan 2020/21: What You Need to Know

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Earlier this month the Financial Conduct Authority published their 2020/2021 business plan. With everything going on in the world at the moment, it can be hard to keep up with Finance and Banking news – here are a few of the key inclusions that you need to know about right now. First and foremost, the…

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Video Interviews: The Kind Guide

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Even before we were all asked to work from home, conducting interviews on video calls has become more and more popular with many companies. Now, for the near future with almost all of us working from home and organisations discouraging office visits, it’s going to be the primary way interviews are conducted. Some people who…

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Working From Home? Kind have a few tips on how to make your remote work practice a success.

Working from Home: The Kind Guide

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Following the government’s advice that everyone work from home if possible, many of us are having our first experience of doing so for an extended period of time. It can be easy to get demotivated and develop bad working habits on your own in the home, so we’ve got five tips for staying on top…

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