The Countdown to IFRS 9

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IFRS 9, the new International Financial Reporting Standard, will replace IAS 39 when it comes into effect in January 2018. IFRS 9 was issued in July 2014, following several years of revision and negotiation between the Financial Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board. During the financial crisis of 07/08, IAS 39 drew a…

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Kind Consultancy Interim Solutions

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Many of you reading this will be familiar with Kind Consultancy as a disruptive Executive Search firm, headhunting the very best talent for your permanent middle, senior and board-level positions, but something that’s just as central to what we do is delivering Interim resource for business-critical roles and projects alike. Over the last 3 and…

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Datathletics: The Internet of Sports

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So many discussions about the Internet of Things focus on the potential effects on business, the home or transport, but IoT could soon reshape so many different aspects of modern life. Outside of technology, one of my own greatest interests is sport, and even at this early stage of IoT development, we’re seeing a number…

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How Will IoT Change the Data Centre?

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The Internet of Things is one of the most exciting areas in technology right now, and one that continues to develop and expand at an incredible rate. I’ve written before about my hopes for IoT and the question of how soon we’re going to see it transform modern living – I think it’s definitely going…

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Mortgage Credit Directive: Changes in Risk

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The Mortgage Credit Directive is a framework of conduct rules for mortgage firms that was introduced by the EU in 2014 and comes into effect in the UK on the 21st of March 2016. Most of the MCD covers pre-sale areas like advertising and disclosure, areas that are already tightly regulated in the UK. As…

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What is the Senior Managers and Certification Regime?

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The Senior Managers Regime represents the first major regulatory change of 2016. The joint FCA and PRA initiative comes into effect for senior bankers on the 7th of March, with plans in place to extend the programme during 2018 to cover brokers, consumer credit firms, insurers, investment firms and asset managers. Once the Senior Managers…

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2015 and The Future

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2015 has been an extremely positive year for the Kind Group, with the Kind brand being more visible than ever before across the Financial Services sector. We’ve demonstrated that not only are we an Executive Search practice that delivers game changing results, but because our wider family of companies encompasses lending, insurance, brokering, advising and…

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Will Software ‘Define’ the Storage Industry in 2016?

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According to IDC’s most recently published numbers, Q3 2015 saw total capacity shipments up 37% on the same quarter last year to 30.3 exabytes. It’s safe to assume that 2016 will see big data get even bigger, and companies in need of affordable, scalable ways of storing it. So which storage technology will have the…

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Stamping Out Buy to Let?

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From April 1st 2016 anyone buying buy-to-let property in the UK will have to pay an additional 3% stamp duty on top of  the current standard rate. Where previously the higher rate started on properties over £125000 (2%), the new charge will apply to all purchases of buy-to-let or second homes over £40000. Profit margins…

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Executive Search Specialists vs Recruitment Generalists

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Relying on in-house recruitment seems like the simplest, easiest, cheapest option for finding a new hire. But what if you don’t get the perfect candidate? What if your recruitment process relies on busy, non-dedicated staff trying to find time in their work day to do a quick search followed by a brief interview? What if…

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