Does My Business Really Need Cyber Security?

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Whether you’re the head of a major corporation riding high on the LSE or you’re running a small e-commerce store out of your bedroom in your spare time, Cyber Security should be a serious concern for you. Despite years of warnings, many smaller companies still aren’t taking Cyber Crime seriously, working under the false assumption…

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Challenge Accepted: The Rise of UK Challenger Banks

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Standing out during a period of economic uncertainty, the last month has seen a lot of positive news concerning challenger banks; those smaller, newer financial institutions offering an alternative to the traditional big name high street banks. Having steadily risen since the beginning of July, Metro Bank shares hit an all-time high on Friday, even though the…

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The Labour Market: Under the Microscope

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New survey results released by the Office of National Statistics last week, suggested that unemployment has been falling across 2016, with 31.75 million people in work between April and June, 172,000 more than for January to March and 606,000 more than for a year earlier. This brings the employment rate up to 74.5%, the highest…

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Risk Management & Human Behaviour

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What decides whether an organisation operates within risk frameworks? Is it the policies in place, the business strategies that push up against those policies, what’s the deciding factor? In 2016 more and more people are accepting something which even though it’s very simple, has long been a difficult concept for many risk and compliance professionals…

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Is Bigger Better? The Benefits of Boutique Recruitment

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In any industry, when you start to look for the right product or service for your needs, the obvious place to start is the biggest of the big names, the omnipresent providers and organisations that you’re always hearing about. It’s a natural place to start your search, whether you’re deciding on where to have lunch,…

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Staying Ahead of the Candidate Led Market

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“Candidate Led Market”. “Candidate Driven Market”. You’ve read and heard both of these phrases a lot over the last few years, and you’re going to keep hearing them over the next few. The recruitment market in 2016 is proving to be even more candidate-led than ever. Finding  and hiring exceptional candidates will continue to be a challenge with salaries and counter offers…

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Governance, Risk and Compliance Trends in 2016

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The stature and visibility of GRC continued to grow over the last year. Accenture’s 2016 Compliance and Risk Study concludes that GRC had gained a “seat at the table and a mandate to lead” but was now at a crossroads where Senior Management needs to see strong results making it clear that GRC can be…

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Cyber Security Risk Management: The Ten Step Plan

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Once it was only an issue for international big name businesses, but cyber security is now a key risk for every company. The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey revealed that 90% of large organisations in the UK and 74% of small businesses had a security breach in the previous year, and across all sizes and…

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The Modern Chief Risk Officer

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The “Chief Risk Officer” is a recent invention, James Lam is widely credited with creating the term in the early 90s, and for much of the time, we’ve had Chief Risk Officers they’ve been seen as overbearing protective figures, restricting growth through extreme risk aversion in the name of stopping anyone from getting into too…

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Can You Survive the Cyber Security Skills Shortage?

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It’s been a rough couple of years for the information security industry. Following breach after high security breach, the top news story in the info sec world for the last year has been that the sector has slid into a big skills shortage, and the situation shows no sign of improving. In April of last…

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