Security & the Tech Evolution of Financial Services

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Last year saw a 50% rise in the use of banking app logins each day and a 250% increase in the use of contactless cards. Technology is constantly changing and the world of finance is often right at the forefront of the latest developments. Unfortunately, with any new technology comes new exploitable weaknesses, and we…

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The SM & CR Expansion

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Since March last year, the Senior Managers & Certification Regime has had a significant impact on banking in the UK. Replacing the FSA’s Approved Persons Regime (which was heavily criticised following the financial crisis), the new system aimed to enable ongoing supervision of the most important individuals within an organisation, clearly delineate who was responsible…

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What’s Your Intermediary Strategy?

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With the wider mortgage lending market in good health, it’s an extremely good time for the intermediary market. Since 2012, the share of loans by value arranged by intermediaries has been rising steadily, and 2016 saw reports that as many as four in every five mortgages were being arranged through a broker. Some consumers will sometimes…

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Choose Interims

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Over the last year, Kind Consultancy has been doing more and more work on large scale compliance transformation projects. Keeping up with regulatory changes can be tricky for any organisation, but implementing the necessary response is perhaps hardest for big, complex businesses who operate across multiple sites, sectors and countries. In situations like this, we’ve…

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Why Search Consultancy Will Outlive Contingent Recruitment

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Recruitment is an ever diluting industry, with thousands of new firms establishing each year. As a client I can understand why choosing an agency (or even multiple agencies) can be a minefield. More and more new agencies offer extremely low fee rates to attract the business, pricing some of the more specialist firms out of…

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The Future is Kind: 2016 & 2017

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2016 was an amazing year for The Kind Group, with all four of our companies growing and developing. Kind Financial Services increased levels of business, with three new Advisers joining the team and building relationships with a wide portfolio of financial services organisations. The mortgage market has been robust, we kept a good pace across…

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MiFID II: Coming Soon to a Business Near You

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What do you have planned for January 3rd 2018? It’s a little far out for most people to have a firm idea, but in the Financial Services world it’s the day that MiFID II takes effect, significantly changing the legislation around Financial Instruments. A report by IHS Markit and Expand released earlier this year estimated…

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The Pros of Interim Management

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Interim Management has been a focus of Kind Consultancy since our inception and it’s an option that’s become more and more popular, with surveys of senior interims showing an increase in activity every year since 2011. Some smaller businesses still see interim management as the reserve of big corporates, but I think they can be…

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Does My Business Really Need Cyber Security?

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Whether you’re the head of a major corporation riding high on the LSE or you’re running a small e-commerce store out of your bedroom in your spare time, Cyber Security should be a serious concern for you. Despite years of warnings, many smaller companies still aren’t taking Cyber Crime seriously, working under the false assumption…

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Challenge Accepted: The Rise of UK Challenger Banks

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Standing out during a period of economic uncertainty, the last month has seen a lot of positive news concerning challenger banks; those smaller, newer financial institutions offering an alternative to the traditional big name high street banks. Having steadily risen since the beginning of July, Metro Bank shares hit an all-time high on Friday, even though the…

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