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The Kind Guide to securing Promotions and Pay Rises

Career Corner: Promotions & Pay Rises

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Almost every hard-working professional is looking for career progression. It’s human nature to seek new challenges and, in turn, greater rewards. Yet many people feel very unsure about how to navigate potentially difficult conversations with their managers about promotions or pay rises. The most important thing in any situation is to be prepared. Why do…

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Presentation Preparation

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With the specialised, technical nature of many GRC roles, it’s not uncommon for the interview process to include a presentation element. Candidates who aren’t used to presenting can feel out of their depth, leading to them getting nervous and further harming their performance. As with interviewing, presenting is a professional skill just like any other…

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Interview Excellence: Five Steps to Success

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We all like to think we know how to deliver a killer interview performance, but it can never hurt to review your technique. No matter how experienced you are, a bad interview can seriously damage anyone’s chances of securing the job they want and you can never be too prepared. Areas to consider include: Punctuality…

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