The Kind 2020 Wrap Up

The Kind 2020 Wrap Up

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It’s been an atypical year for Kind. Though every 12 months delivers unexpected shifts and surprises, this was a particularly extreme one. I know this has been a tough year for many, both in business and at home, and I’m immensely proud of what the Kind teams have achieved across 2020 under such challenging circumstances.…

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Kind Consultancy and The Building Societies Association

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Kind Consultancy is very proud to announce that we’re partnering with The Building Societies Association. We will be sharing knowledge with their members through articles and blog posts and we look forward to other opportunities with the Building Societies Association (BSA) in future. For any BSA members who are learning about Kind Consultancy for the…

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New Year, New Collections Strategy Header

New Year, New Collections Strategy

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The Collections & Recoveries function in many Financial Services business has been working the same way for a long time. When customers find themselves in difficult circumstances, the team reaches out to help them find a way to pay back what they owe. But in 2020, I have been having more and more conversations with…

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AML Contracts in 2020

AML Contract Demand Continues to Rise in 2020

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AML contract demand is on the rise – but why? First, let’s take a look at the background of the current Financial Services landscape: The Fraud Landscape In 2019, the number of Banking Fraud and Identity Fraud complaints in the UK rose to an all-time high. This year, we’ve seen numerous news stories about criminals…

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Automation vs Resource in Collections

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Automation – for many years now it’s been speeding up and scaling up the way that hundreds of different industries operate. Whenever technological solutions are used to replace human workers, there are a variety of ethical and business issues to consider – especially if automated systems are having direct contact with customers. That’s the situation…

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Header - Why the Kind Group Moved to Staffordshire

Why the Kind Group Moved to Staffordshire

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Here at the Kind Group we have been looking at what the new “norm” will look like post lockdown and our “return to work” procedure is now well underway. As a group we have continued to operate “business as usual” and I am very pleased and proud of how the whole Kind team has adapted…

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Does Size Matter? – The Benefits of a Small Recruiter

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Appearances can be deceiving, as the old cliché goes. Kind Consultancy is a small business, with a dedicated team – so it could be perceived that a major, multinational organisation wouldn’t think of using us for a large-scale recruitment project.  Well – they have, and continue to do so. We have worked a number of…

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Interims: Why They Could Be Your Next Best Solution

Interims: Your Next Best Solution

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Interim support has always been one of the key areas we focus on at Kind Consultancy, and across our time recruiting in the Governance, Risk, Compliance & Complaints space, it has become a more and more popular option. SME businesses used to see interims as people that larger companies hired, and the larger companies once…

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TieTa and Kind Consultancy Partnership Announcement

TieTa & Kind Consultancy: A New Partnership

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Kind Consultancy is very excited to announce a new partnership with TieTa. TieTa are a fast-growing business providing contact centre support to businesses across Financial Services and beyond. Much more than a simple outsourcing provider, they integrate call centre resource seamlessly into your business’s pre-existing customer contact approach. Whether you need a small number of…

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Collections in 2020: What Comes Next?

Collections: What Comes Next?

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Nearly I.2 million people in the UK have made use of Payment Holiday options introduced since the outbreak of the Corona-virus in early spring of 2020. UK Finance has found that approximately 70% of people who took Payment Holidays did not need to for Financial reasons and had done so more as a preventative measure.…

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