What makes Kind Consultancy different?

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Kind Consultancy are true search specialists, focussing on permanent and interim Governance, Risk & Compliance roles within Banking and Financial Services. Unlike a standard recruitment agency, this means we have the skills and capabilities to go above and beyond when identifying and making contact with candidates who are not currently looking for new jobs but who we believe are an ideal match for our client’s requirements. But we’re not the only search specialists, and we’re not the only organisation specialising in GRC opportunities. So what sets us apart from all of our competition? What makes Kind Consultancy truly unique is being part of the Kind…

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Final FCA Findings on Motor Finance: Cause for concern?

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The publication of the FCA’s final findings on motor finance has raised alarm bells across the industry this week. Their research shows that some consumers have been overcharged by more than £1000 when taking out loans to buy cars. The FCA has suggested that a key problem is commission models which allow brokers to set customer’s interest rates in order to earn higher commission for themselves. This is especially prevalent in Personal Contract Purchases, which now make up roughly 80% of all new car finance deals, and see the customer renting their car over three or four years. The Finance and Leasing Association claims that…

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Governance, Risk & Compliance: This Year’s Big Topics?

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In the first few months of the year, there’s always a lot of prognostication in the Governance, Risk & Compliance world about what the year’s big Compliance issues will be. The biggest changes are always ones we don’t see coming and don’t already have a plan for, but here are a few of the trends I think we’ll be talking about across 2019. With the FinTech world continuing to expand at an explosive rate, we’re going to see a lot of businesses looking to automate as much of their AML and KYC process as possible to keep up with their increasing user bases. The businesses…

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