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Interims: Why They Could Be Your Next Best Solution

Interims: Your Next Best Solution

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Interim support has always been one of the key areas we focus on at Kind Consultancy, and across our time recruiting in the Governance, Risk, Compliance & Complaints space, it has become a more and more popular option. SME businesses used to see interims as people that larger companies hired, and the larger companies once…

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BAU Complaints : Case Study

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A major Financial Services client was experiencing a backlog of business as usual complaints. As a preferred supplier to the organisation, an urgent request was made to Kind Consultancy for a large number of experienced BAU Complaint Handlers who had substantial experience of handling complaints across a wide range of Financial Services products. Kind utilised…

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Motor Finance : Case Study

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A fast-growing digital Motor Finance lender had a significant increase in quality complaint volumes. The organisation’s permanent complaint handling team was in its infancy, with the business still in the process of recruiting staff. The time needed to place and train these people, however, meant they needed contract support, on-site and at work fast to…

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Collections - Case Study

Collections : Case Study

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A large, established motor finance company required additional support within their collections team to work with vulnerable customers in relation to their payment plans. Due to an ongoing relationship, the client reached out to Kind Consultancy asking for them to supply experienced interim Collections Consultants for a 12-month project. Kind selected people from the King…

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Case Study: Payment Holidays - How can Kind Consultancy assist clients with issues arising from payment holidays?

Payment Holidays : Case Study

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As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of our longstanding clients was seeing a rapid spike in the number of complaints they were receiving relating to payment holidays. The client recognised that they needed support from experienced complaint handlers who were not from a template-driven PPI background. Our client reached out to us at…

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TieTa and Kind Consultancy Partnership Announcement

TieTa & Kind Consultancy: A New Partnership

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Kind Consultancy is very excited to announce a new partnership with TieTa. TieTa are a fast-growing business providing contact centre support to businesses across Financial Services and beyond. Much more than a simple outsourcing provider, they integrate call centre resource seamlessly into your business’s pre-existing customer contact approach. Whether you need a small number of…

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Collections in 2020: What Comes Next?

Collections: What Comes Next?

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Nearly I.2 million people in the UK have made use of Payment Holiday options introduced since the outbreak of the Corona-virus in early spring of 2020. UK Finance has found that approximately 70% of people who took Payment Holidays did not need to for Financial reasons and had done so more as a preventative measure.…

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What is the Financial Conduct Authority? - A Beginner's Guide

What is the Financial Conduct Authority? – A Beginner’s Guide

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The Financial Conduct Authority (frequently abbreviated to FCA) is the UK’s financial regulator, funded by the Financial Services industry and operating independently of the government. The FCA regulates all businesses providing financial services in the UK, both retail (financial services provided to consumers, individual people, small businesses) and wholesale (financial services provided to large businesses,…

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Returning to the Office - a Kind Group update

A Kind Group Update from Mat Kind

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Here at the Kind Group we are now looking at what the new “norm” will look like post lockdown and our “return to work” procedure is well underway. As a group we have continued to be “business as usual” and I am very pleased and proud of how the whole Kind team has adapted and…

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What is an MLRO

What Is An MLRO? – A Beginner’s Guide

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What is an MLRO? The acronym stands for Money Laundering Reporting Officer, but what do they do and how do they fit into Governance, Risk & Compliance? Since 2007, all regulated Financial Services businesses have been required to appoint an MLRO. The Money Laundering Reporting Officer oversees an organisation’s AML (Anti Money-Laundering) systems and is…

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