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Kind Sponsors: Ian Dempsey

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Kind Consultancy is proud to announce that we’re sponsoring rising triathlete Ian Dempsey. After many years with his feet up, Ian started running in 2008 in an effort to improve his health and soon found himself taking on 10Ks, half and full marathons. A friend invited him to join the ICAN Marbella Half Ironman and…

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Lending Trends & Invoice Finance

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The trends of lending have certainly changed over recent years. Once seen as an embarrassing last resort, Invoice Finance rapidly gained popularity and shed its stigma following the financial crisis. There’s been no sign of it slowing down as we’ve moved into a period of recovery and IF is now more widely used and accepted…

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Conduct Risk: Who is Responsible?

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“Conduct risk” has been a top priority for the FCA ever since their formation in 2013, but to many it’s still a confusing and vague concept.  The FCA have defined it as “the risk that firm behaviours will result in poor outcomes for customers”, one suggested explanation from Thomson Reuters 13/14 Conduct Risk survey is…

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Do You Need a Bank When You Have An App?

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Financial Technology has grown so much over the last few years that it now has a standardised, globally understood abbreviation: FinTech. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that FinTech is saving and/or destroying the banking industry, depending on who you listen to. FinTech is undeniably a massive revolution in banking; banks have always been good…

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Three Key Conversation Starters from the May Inflation Report

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After the Bank of England’s inflation report this morning, I think these are the three conversations our industry needs to be having. Wages have gone up 2% on average since the recession – which is a small rise when compared to the number of people going back in to work. Labour supply has dramatically increased…

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Careers With Kind

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Kind Consultancy is a bespoke Search and Selection Practice that is modern, dynamic and innovative. We have experienced a huge amount of success within our specialist markets due to our focus, experience and entrepreneurial flair. Why Choose Kind? We are specialists in what we do, we only work in markets that we know, understand and…

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The Number One Reason You’re Losing Your Best Candidates?

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It’s just a matter of time. “49 percent of candidates declined job offers because they accepted an offer from another company during the second half of [2014]”. “The ‘availability cycle’ of a potential recruit has decreased to just 24 hours, rather than the 2-3 weeks that businesses became accustomed to during the recession.” Over the…

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Why the Banking Sector Should Be Worried About the Skills Shortage (and How We Can Help)

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Writing in the Telegraph earlier this month, Dame and Lord McFell of the Banking Standards Board acknowledged that “trust in the banking system has been damaged” but encouraged the public to “not lose sight of the fact that that a healthy, vibrant and open economy like the UK needs well-run banks and building societies that…

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Preventing Financial Crime

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For their 2015/16 Business Plan, the FCA have added financial crime to their list of the top seven risks facing the finance industry, replacing house price growth. It’s not particularly surprising, 2014 was a bad year for high profile, high visibility financial crime cases and the industry is under public and media pressure to do…

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Kind’s Finance & Banking Consultant Reacts to the Budget

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“George Osborne’s final pre-election budget wasn’t a titanic shake-up, but there are some significant changes. Essentially, for banking, the belts are being tightened. The four big headlines from a business perspective are the accelerated selling off of bank shares and mortgage assets, the increased banking levy, the tax on “diverted profits” and finally banks being…

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