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October 2020

Mortgage Operations Case Study

Mortgage Operations – Case Study

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In our Case Study series, we walk through the methods we’ve recently used to help a client, each one giving you some insight into the variety of tailored approaches we can utilise depending on the circumstances. The Client Kind Consultancy worked with a large UK retail bank that was seeing a rapid, ongoing increase in…

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AML Contracts in 2020

AML Contract Demand Continues to Rise in 2020

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AML contract demand is on the rise – but why? First, let’s take a look at the background of the current Financial Services landscape: The Fraud Landscape In 2019, the number of Banking Fraud and Identity Fraud complaints in the UK rose to an all-time high. This year, we’ve seen numerous news stories about criminals…

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Automation vs Resource in Collections

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Automation – for many years now it’s been speeding up and scaling up the way that hundreds of different industries operate. Whenever technological solutions are used to replace human workers, there are a variety of ethical and business issues to consider – especially if automated systems are having direct contact with customers. That’s the situation…

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AML International Case Study Header

AML – International Client : Case Study

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In our Case Study series, we walk you through the methods we’ve recently used with one of our clients, to give you a glimpse at just some of the carefully tailored approaches Kind Consultancy can use to suit the specific needs of the organisations we work with. This week, we take a look at an…

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Section 166 KYC Case Study Header

Section 166 – KYC : Case Study

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In our Case Study series, we talk you through how Kind Consultancy handled a recent project, to give you a taste of just some of the tailored methods we use to deliver exactly what our clients’ need. The Client Kind Consultancy are a long-standing supplier to a Big 4 consultancy. They reached out to us…

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