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    October 2017

    Interviews & First Impressions: A Two Way Street

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    Sometimes, first interviews don’t go to plan. As recruiters, you like to think that a well-prepared candidate with a great CV will meet with an interviewer, have an honest discussion about what they can do for the company and what the company can do for them, and then both parties can walk away and decide if it’s a good fit. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes a rockstar candidate will look at a job opening that sounds perfect on paper – only to head to the interview and find they’re entirely unimpressed. Candidates should do everything they can to win over an interviewer, but hiring organisations…

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    Kind Consultancy Newsletter – End of Q3 2017

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    I’m very pleased and proud to announce that 2017 has seen the most successful Q3 in the history of Kind Consultancy, making significant gains on Q3 2016 which was itself a big step up from previous years. A lot of factors have contributed to that success- part of it is the growth of our interim division, which continues to place highly skilled GRC contractors onto projects across the UK and Europe. Between the reputation we’ve built for work in this area and our preferred recruitment partner of the International Compliance Association status, we’ve had more and more new clients reaching out directly to ask for…

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