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August 2017

Skill Set vs Cultural Fit

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Recently I’ve spoken to a number of people in the Financial Services industry who’ve asked me about the overall health of the GRC labour market, how it looks to someone who’s dealing with it directly every day. Speaking strictly from my experience, it feels like this year has seen a real tension between organisations looking…

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CryptoCurrency: A New Era?

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Earlier this week Bitcoin soared to an all time high value, with 1 Bitcoin being worth £2,651, putting the total market value of all Bitcoins over £43billion. I think the growth of Bitcoin over the past few years shows that there is a demand for tech innovation of all aspects of the economy, including finance.…

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Preventing Crisis: Liquidity & Risk

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This is not one of those financial services blog posts that claims any one single hot topic is going to lead to another international economic crisis. We all know the modern economy is extremely complex, and there are a wide variety of factors that would be involved if we saw another serious sudden downturn. What I want…

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