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    March 2017

    GDPR: Are You Ready?

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    Here at Kind Consultancy, the Governance, Risk & Compliance team have a successful track record in helping our clients prepare for specific regulatory changes, recently helping their clients across financial services and banking with SMR and MiFID II. We’re now working together across the GRC and Information Security teams on our first joint project – GDPR. It’s a major change to data protection laws, and failing to comply with it comes with heavy fines – but still some people I speak to admit their organisation isn’t ready for it, and some are still very unclear on what exactly it is. GDPR is the Europe-wide General…

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    Security & the Tech Evolution of Financial Services

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    Last year saw a 50% rise in the use of banking app logins each day and a 250% increase in the use of contactless cards. Technology is constantly changing and the world of finance is often right at the forefront of the latest developments. Unfortunately, with any new technology comes new exploitable weaknesses, and we need to make sure that customers, their money and their data, are always fully protected. But even as industry awareness of all things InfoSec seems to be improving, I’m still regularly encountering organisations where Cyber Risk / IT Security staff are undervalued, underutilised and simply working under the wrong function.…

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    The SM & CR Expansion

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    Since March last year, the Senior Managers & Certification Regime has had a significant impact on banking in the UK. Replacing the FSA’s Approved Persons Regime (which was heavily criticised following the financial crisis), the new system aimed to enable ongoing supervision of the most important individuals within an organisation, clearly delineate who was responsible for which areas of compliance and make sure that institutions were taking proper responsibility for staff at more junior levels. So far, the new rules have applied to banks, building societies and credit unions, while the PRA has brought in the Senior Insurance Managers Regime, applying similar guidelines to Insurance…

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