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February 2017

What’s Your Intermediary Strategy?

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With the wider mortgage lending market in good health, it’s an extremely good time for the intermediary market. Since 2012, the share of loans by value arranged by intermediaries has been rising steadily, and 2016 saw reports that as many as four in every five mortgages were being arranged through a broker. Some consumers will sometimes…

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Choose Interims

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Over the last year, Kind Consultancy has been doing more and more work on large scale compliance transformation projects. Keeping up with regulatory changes can be tricky for any organisation, but implementing the necessary response is perhaps hardest for big, complex businesses who operate across multiple sites, sectors and countries. In situations like this, we’ve…

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Why Search Consultancy Will Outlive Contingent Recruitment

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Recruitment is an ever diluting industry, with thousands of new firms establishing each year. As a client I can understand why choosing an agency (or even multiple agencies) can be a minefield. More and more new agencies offer extremely low fee rates to attract the business, pricing some of the more specialist firms out of…

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