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    September 2016

    Does My Business Really Need Cyber Security?

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    Whether you’re the head of a major corporation riding high on the LSE or you’re running a small e-commerce store out of your bedroom in your spare time, Cyber Security should be a serious concern for you. Despite years of warnings, many smaller companies still aren’t taking Cyber Crime seriously, working under the false assumption that they’re “too small” to be seen as a worthwhile target for hackers and therefore seeing the cost of installing strong defences as unjustifiable. In reality, smaller business are seen by cybercriminals as easier targets, with fewer defences between them and your customer data and intellectual property. Assuming you’re too…

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    Challenge Accepted: The Rise of UK Challenger Banks

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    Standing out during a period of economic uncertainty, the last month has seen a lot of positive news concerning challenger banks; those smaller, newer financial institutions offering an alternative to the traditional big name high street banks. Having steadily risen since the beginning of July, Metro Bank shares hit an all-time high on Friday, even though the company had 22.2 per cent wiped off their value following Britain voting to leave the EU. Last week also saw Tom Blomfield, CEO digital start-up bank Monzo (formerly known as Mondo), telling the Press Association that he thinks “many of the big incumbents right now will die”, citing a failure…

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