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    June 2015

    Conduct Risk: Who is Responsible?

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    “Conduct risk” has been a top priority for the FCA ever since their formation in 2013, but to many it’s still a confusing and vague concept.  The FCA have defined it as “the risk that firm behaviours will result in poor outcomes for customers”, one suggested explanation from Thomson Reuters 13/14 Conduct Risk survey is that it is “the risk that detriment is caused to our customers, clients, counterparties and their employees because of inappropriate judgement in the execution of our business activities”. So who is responsible for something so wide ranging? When discussing conduct risk we tend to talk a lot about company “culture”…

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    Do You Need a Bank When You Have An App?

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    Financial Technology has grown so much over the last few years that it now has a standardised, globally understood abbreviation: FinTech. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that FinTech is saving and/or destroying the banking industry, depending on who you listen to. FinTech is undeniably a massive revolution in banking; banks have always been good at utilising technology once it exists but have rarely been as good at keeping up with the absolute forefront of new developments, and knowing how to use them to best suit the customer. What do we really mean by the term? FinTech covers multiple different fields, all of which are…

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