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    April 2015

    Why the Banking Sector Should Be Worried About the Skills Shortage (and How We Can Help)

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    Writing in the Telegraph earlier this month, Dame and Lord McFell of the Banking Standards Board acknowledged that “trust in the banking system has been damaged” but encouraged the public to “not lose sight of the fact that that a healthy, vibrant and open economy like the UK needs well-run banks and building societies that serve the needs of all”, adding that “millions… rely on the banking system every day and the jobs of over 500,000 people across the UK depend on it”. This month those 500,000 or so people are very much in demand – with the most recent KPMG/REC report on jobs showing…

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    Preventing Financial Crime

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    For their 2015/16 Business Plan, the FCA have added financial crime to their list of the top seven risks facing the finance industry, replacing house price growth. It’s not particularly surprising, 2014 was a bad year for high profile, high visibility financial crime cases and the industry is under public and media pressure to do more. In January, the Director General of the National Crime Agency described the British financial system as “particularly attractive” for criminals due to “the high transaction volume, developed financial services industry and [the] political stability of the UK” and that “the involvement of a small minority of complicit, negligent or…

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